hadiah untuk yang tersayang
Monday, 5 December 2011 [ 0 ]
Bulan disember nie mesti ramai yang sambut birthday or aniversery .macam aini jugak ..ahad nie birthday aini and ahad depan aniversery parents aini ..korang korang mesti nak bagi kesayangan korang hadiah yang istimewa kan ..aini cadangkan korang semue untuk buad photoalbum untuk orang yang tersayang ..dalam tuh .korang boleh lah letak pic pic korang dengan orang tersayang tuh .and now what .he or she will be delightfull and it will be suprise .

Pada seseorang yang tak pernah bagi hadiah tuh ..buad mase nie bagi lah hadiah untuk die okey .kalau takut mahal .korang boleh jeh buad album untuk die .and now what .baru jeh rm52 .and ia sangat sangat berbaloi okey ..

Walauapepon .kite layan dulu die punyer syaratsyarat .

Redemption Period: 15 December 2011 - 15 April 2012
Unlimited Purchase & Unlimited Redemption per Person
Redemption Hours: Monday - Friday (9am - 6pm)
To redeem, email PhotoTalkz at support@e-runway.com with your Name, Voucher Code, and Voucher in attachment
Subject of email should be "MilkADeal - Phototalkz Matte Lamination"
At the end of the promotional period, you will be contacted via e-mail by PhotoTalkz representative
A voucher code will be given so that it can be redeemed in PhotoTalkz Online
Design your photobook by downloading the software in PhotoTalkz website
PhotoTalkz does NOT accept any amendments or changes to be made to the file ONCE the file is uploaded
5 working days time to be ready
Free delivery service within Peninsular Malaysia
For East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) delivery charge is RM15
Maximum 7 working days delivery time from submission everyday before 3pm
How to redeem this deal:
1) Buy this voucher
2) Get your voucher in your account ie "My Stuff" on MilkADeal
3) Email a soft copy of your voucher to: support@e-runway.com and a representative will contact you shortly
4) One the serial code is given to you, you can upload and create your own photobook!

Kalau nak .tekan nie > i'm awesome < Kalau taknak .tekan nie pulak > servis kete ? atau apeituimax? <


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