Best UPSR results in 4 years
Wednesday, 16 November 2011 [ 0 ]
PUTRAJAYA: The Overall achievementt of Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) students natiowide is the best in four years although straight A scorers have dropped slightly from last year's.

Director-General of Education Datuk Seri Abdul Ghafar Mahmud, in announcing the analysis of the 2011 UPSR results, said 55.45 per cent of the candidates obtained at least Grade C this year, up from the 54.38 per cent last year.
A total of 46,012 of this year's 485,160 candidates scored straight A's, he said, adding that this was a 0.54 per cent drop to 9.48 per cent from the 10.02 per cent last year.
"This year, the overall achievement of the 2011 UPSR candidates has improved and is the best in four years in accordance with the National Average Grade," he told a news conference at the Education Ministry here.
Abdul Ghafar said candidates with the minimum achievement, of a D or E grade, also dropped, by 0.51 per cent, from 3.39 per cent last year to 2.88 per cent this year.

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