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Friday, 28 October 2011 [ 0 ]
Haii . My name is SitiNorAini . My full name is Siti Nor Aini Binti Muhammad Aris Chong . Stay in kota tinggi johor for about 8 years . Born in Hospital Sultanah Aminah . I study at Sekolah Menengah Laksamana Kota Tinggi . My english were very damnly bad . Just fell like wanna write a post in English .

My dad is a chinease before he married with my mom . His chinease name is Chong Kim Chun . Now ,his name is Muhammad Aris Chong bin Abdullah . He is 46 years old . My mom name is Junainah Binti Lias . She is 43 years old . My dad work at Johor Bahru with Pemaju as a clerk . I didn’t ever know my dad work at what and as what . I just write on what i heard . So ,sorry if i was wrong .

I has a sister . Cute lil sister . She is pretier that me . She is ruder(kurang aja) than me . Hmm . She is 13 years old . Study at the same school as me . I really hate her ! Not hate hate ,just hate her behavior . She so mean to me and my parents . Kadang kadang lah . But ,i still hate her behavior .


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